Kill Bill

Saw a screening of Kill Bill at the Kendall tonight with Corinna. Not supposed to talk about it, which is why this is marked Friends Only. I’ll write a review about it for The Brain, but I’ll keep it to me until the movie is released in October.

I expected the movie to suck ass, and was completely blown away by what I was shown tonight. The film, “Kill Bill: Part I”, seemed complete, and had a full score (by RZA) as well as soundtrack. Editing seemed complete, and while there were no ending credits, there were front title cards.

I saw the teaser trailer for this film and was really disappointed. The trailer made the film look hokey, and gave no inkling of the plot. I am pleased to say that Mr. Tarantino has done a fine job with this film, and while I took issue with certain parts of the plot, overall I think it is a great film. And beautiful too; Almost every shot was framed beautifully, and the camerawork was excellent. The plot is so much better than I expected, I could gush. I really don’t want to get into it, as I feel you’re better off knowing nothing, but just take my recommendation blindly: It’s a damn good film.

Quentin Tarantino introduced the film, and was his dorky self. He stuck around in the theater lobby afterwards, and I shook his hand and thanked him for the movie. He was really gracious and thanked me for coming out. There were tons of other people waiting, so I didn’t have a conversation with him… He seemed as nice as everyone made him out to be… That’s all I have to say for now.

4 thoughts on “Kill Bill

  1. Oh wow, that is so incredibly cool!! I’ve been waiting so long for Kill Bill to some out… almost there. How did get to be a screener?

    1. They handed out flyers as people left movies at various theaters over the past week or so. If you had one of the flyers, you could come first-come-first-serve to the screening….

  2. Good news! I admit, I had hoped it would be good, despite being such a pessimist with movies these days. Now I’ve got something to genuinely look forward to…

    1. I really liked it alot. We will see how the MPAA mangles it, though.

      And don’t expect a dialogue rich atypical Tarantino film. While the dialogue in the movie is great (in both English and Japanese), it is much more sparsly placed than his prior films. The film is, at it’s heart a Samurai flick, albeit better than most Samurai flicks.

      The lovely Mz. Thurman delivers a possibly Oscar-worthy performance, proving her Thurman unit is most-certainly not defective.

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