I woke up this morning around 8:30a with an intensly throbbing headache. It was the most intense headache I have ever had, and I hope they can’t get worse than that (for me). I got up, took some headache pills, laid back down, and mustered together another two hours of pretending to sleep while it went away. It never actually went away, it’s still slightly nagging me now, but at least I can function now.

Met up with Carlos, Mario, Adam, and Helen for lunch at the Royal India. Omar was supposed to join us as well, but he couldn’t make it. Omar is leaving for Princeton in the next few days, and Mario is just about leaving too. It’s weird that the crew is finally being split up, after job loss and strife was unable to do so…

Corinna came by after work and we grabbed some food and just chilled. She is napping right now, I think she is part hibernating bear.

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