On the beach

Sitting on the Seaside Heights beach with the family. It is a
beautiful day today, but the water is really freakin’ cold again today
(as it was yesterday).

Chuck arrived Wednesday night with my sisters and their friends. We
did some boardwalk stuff that night but pretty much saved most of the
fun for yesterday. We went to the beach first thing in the morning
(read: 11am) and I headed for the water right away. Chuck was reluctant
because it was soooooo cold, but he relented. I braved the freezing
water for 30 minutes, which paled in comparison to Chuck’s 45. After
exiting the water we headed to a local shop to purchase sand castle
tools. We built a massive castle that even the surf feared (pictures to
come). We finished construction around 1pm and it was still standing at
11pm; nobody screwed with it which was surprising.

After the beach, Dad, Chuck, and I headed down to the far end to have
lumberjack burgers (burgers, cheese, taylor ham on a bun) at the
Sawmill. Then we met up with the rest of the crew (sans Mom) for some
rooftop minigolf on the boardwalk. After putt-putt we went to eat as a
big group and finished the night with some more boardwalk fun. Chuck
left at 11:30ish with Casey & Nick.

So here we are today, on the beach, on a beautiful day…. Allegedly
“Uncle” Johnny is meeting up with us today which is cool cuz I haven’t
seen him in years. Enough geeking, it is time to wrap this up.

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