We are the police and now we’re gonna a riot

I am finally feeling better after having SARS since the concert Friday night… I was in rough shape on Saturday, just blobbing around the house, coughing and wheezing… Chuck stopped by after dinner for a little while, and we just kinda chatted and watched the telly. Sunday I woke up around 11am to Corinna calling to arrange the pickup. She arrived in Dover Rico around 1:45ish, which was right smack dab in the middle of the Dover Flea Market that I had forgotten all about until I arrived in Dover… :) I met her at the train, and she handed me a gift bag. Inside the gift bag wa a Giorgio Armani leather jacket. Does that not rule?

She wanted to do a round of the market, so we did so, and she bought a strange combination of sandwich bags and a bracelet… This combination amused me for some unknown reason.. After that we grabbed a slice at Enzo’s, which is my favorite slice in the whole wide world. Corinna, however, said it was “just pizza”. I almost left her stranded in Ledgewood for that comment. :) We went back to the house and I introduced her to the rest of the Fam (Dad and Cassie), and my Mom proceeded to show her all my baby pictures. I called bullshit on that play and retaliated by showing Corinna the basement (the DMZ). I think I won.

The lot of us (Mom, Dad, Chuck, Larissa, Corinna and Me) went to Outback for dinner, which was good (besides the fact the hosed Corinna’s meal). We returned to Tara and Johnny and his girlfriend (who’s name I already forget) came over and we talked and talked and talked and talked….

Monday morning C-lo and I hung out with the Fam for a bit longer before hitting the road at noonish… We stopped by Travellers for lunch on the way out and then hit the pavement… The trip really sucked due to weather and we didn’t get back into Boston until 7pm. We originally left at noon so Cee Cee would have time to work on her apartment, but our late arrival really nixed that, so we ended up renting Catch Me If You Can, which was very entertaining.

I haven’t done much interesting the past few days due to my illness… We played poker Tuesday, and for the first (and second) time I won at No Limit Hold ’em! Matt won the third game, but I am now pretty much even at no limit (and way ahead in limit)… This is a good thing. I guess we are playing again tonight, although I don’t know if Matt is going to make the trip all the way out here for it again.

Well, due to distraction and whatnot I have been writing this journal entry for about an hour now, and I think it is time to finish it off and jump in the shower.

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  1. trip home

    Just for the record!! Mom did not pull out 20 photo filled albums and sit Corinna down and force her to view 2 million pictures!! The photos she viewed were out in the open, on the walls, in several rooms into which she would have ventured anyway!!! However, the SUBJECT OF THE PHOTOS, took her to the DMZ which is every mother’s nightmare, cuz now she knows just how NON-Organized a pack-rat we can be!!! BUT….since I don’t plan to croak anytime soon…there is plenty of time left to GET EVEN!!!!

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