Mit Gas

I don’t remember if I formally stated it anywhere here, but I just wanted to make sure that all in this land knew: The new Tomahawk album, “Mit Gas”, is god-damned incredible… While I really enjoyed the first album from the band, this album seems much more thorough and mature. No longer does the band seem like a hodgepodge of the styles of the 4 members “other” bands, this album is much more homogenous (although the influence of each member is definately apparent). Duane’s guitar is just as flowing as it ever was with Jesus Lizard, and John Stainer’s drums drive as well as they did with Helmet. Most importantly, if you have stayed away from Mike Patton’s projects since Faith No More because they have been “weird”, I can only say that this is the most straightforward rock band he has been involved with since FNM called it quits. I recommend everyone give this album a listen, and then come back here and thank me afterwards.

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