What can you do?

I sent in an update yesterday from my hiptop but apparently I screwed it up…. Oh well, it was nothing terribly interesting.

The color problems here at LiveJournal seem to have been fixed. I have also heard some of you complain about formatting issues. Apparrently CSH has sporadic webserver issues that hose up my journal. I suggest reading my journal over at sean-graham.com or directly from LiveJournal.

The Tomahawk show last night was stellar, and completely charged me up for Friday’s show in NYC. The only disadvantage is that I will have to sit through another Melvins set. God damn the Melvins suck…. They are like the Rolling Stones without Talent, Songs, or Plastic Surgery: Riding on songs from ages ago. But Tomahawk rocked the house. A trip-hop outfit from NJ, Dälek (which wins points with me for the umlaut and the reference to the good doctor) was the opening band. I saw these guys open for another band before, and wasn’t too interested in them (although their DJ rocks the house). Dunno what was different this time but I really enjoyed their set.

Tomahawk was in top form, played a blistering set that lit the crowd on fire. They played for about an hour, a bit longer… No encore, no cover songs, but every song was right on….

After the show I came home to find Adam, Rory, and Matt in Limit Hold ’em battle. I bought in for $7 bucks and left the table about an hour later with $13…. The poker gods continue to smile upon me. Afterwards Matt introduced Rory and I to his import copy of Soul Calibur 2 for the gamecube. I can’t wait to own this game….. It is the first fighter I have been into since Tekken 3. And so we played until 6am. I know I am a dork…. :P

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