Colors hosed – Read here instead

LJ committed some changes last night that apparently hosed up my journal colors. According to their support forums they are working on fixing the problem.

4 thoughts on “Colors hosed – Read here instead

  1. that would explain my change of colors. i kinda like the new ones better, but since i didn’t make the changes…. i was wondering…

    thought maybe someone who used my computer over the weekend did it (phil) or hacked into my journal somehow (tevan or brett) and did it just to fuck with me.

    good to know! thanks sean.

  2. I was confused this morning and thought maybe this was a subtle way of LJ telling me it has been one whole year since I made my first post. But as it turns out, that was last wed. therefore I gave up trying to figure it out and tried to enjoy the blinding neon purple.

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