Midnight Zombie Maniacs

Last night was the premiere of “Midnight Zombie Maniacs”, the zombie flick that Corinna and I were zombified in. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to get my copy from Nick (the director). He is giving me a copy on MiniDV, so I will be able to make a DVD from it.

Today I helped C-note a bit in her apartment and now I am just chilling at home. Oh yeah, a few people mailed me and asked me what the Jeopardy thing was all about. A few months ago I noticed on the Jeopardy website that they were going to be holding regional auditions for the show in Providence, so I applied to audition. I got the call the other day that I was chosen to audition and given all the details. Needless to say I am psyched, and I appreciate all the kind words y’all left for me… I will be sure to keep you posted, although I have to pass auditions before anything interesting happens. :)

Tomorrow is the SNFC, which I am now co-running… Hopefully everything will go smoothly for my premiere gig. :)

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