The Appointment

Month: June
Day: 9
Year: 2003
Location: Providence, RI
Purpose: Jeopardy Audition

8 thoughts on “The Appointment

  1. Neato!

    Um….that’s really all I have to say about it. Well, other than keep us all posted so we can have some silly party and watch you win so we can say, “see that guy on Jeopardy? I used to get made fun of by him. Yeah, those were the days….”

  2. that’s awesome, because you’re totally going to win :) you’re one person i know i’d NEVER want to play trivial pursuit against.

  3. when u win $$

    don’t forget who your favorite sister is when you win $$ …and if you need a hand with studying, I did get a 4.0 this semester…. :-p

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