Les is More

just took off… We met up at 1369 and had some tea/coffee, and afterwards we went to his car to pick up the dvd for Inva$ion, the film he (and many other of my Rochester friends) worked on for the 48 Hour Film Project. I had tried to download the film a few times before but RIT was completely shithammered each time so this was the first time I had a chance to see it. While the film definately had a weak back end, it is amazing what they accomplished in a mere 48 hours! Congrats to all involved!

It appears that there is going to be a Boston competition this year (dunno if there has been in the past), and I am seriously considering getting a group of people together to give it a go. I know a bunch of people who would probably be down with it, could probably recruit a few more via the LJ, and I could probably even interest Nick, the director of Midnight Zombie Maniacs.. If I can’t get enough people together her to give it a swing, (if I was welcome) I would consider driving out to Rochester the weekend of the event to try and help out with the crew there… Either way it should be a ton of fun!

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