Gimme Gimme Gimme Fried Chicken

Way back when, I was still in High School, I had a bunch of CDs (80ish) stolen out of ‘s truck… Wewere going to see a movie in Chester (Jurassic Park, I believe), and we ran into a drug store to get some snacks before the movie… I left my CD wallet under his seat and while we were in the drugstore someone entered his truck through his sunroof and snagged them. Out of those 80ish CDs, the only ones I really miss (to this day) was a near-complete collection of Queen CDs…

For awhile I thought I could get away with just buying their Greatest Hits CDs, but I have recently realized that this simply won’t do, and have slowly started to replace them. I got a $10 gift certificate to Amazon from T-Mobile for completing some survey for them, so I used it to buy Queen’s stellar Live at Wembley ’86. I also picked up Lloyd Kaufman’s second book, “Make Your Own Damn Movie: Secrets of a Renegade Director” while I was at it.

Corinna made a surprise visit last night, which rules.. We watched some Talk Sex and last night’s South Park. We are going to see House of 1000 Corpses tonight. Trust me, I don’t expect much, but you have to support your horror roots, you know? My sis, hated the movie, but said her friends liked it, so we will see.

I am meeting up with this afternoon…. I guess he is in town, which is cool, cuz I haven’t seen him in ages…

In more somber news, it looks like I will be missing out on Toga this year. I thought I was all set to make it out but my plans (and ride) fell through… That sucks..

6 thoughts on “Gimme Gimme Gimme Fried Chicken

    1. My friends did seem to enjoy the chick the most. She was very attractive, but I found her annoying. But if I were intersted in girls that way I could see how she could become far less annoying. I hope you have fun, let me know what you thought, tell Corinna I said hello.

      1. I hope you have fun, let me know what you thought

        Well, I’m going to write a review of it for this week’s Brain, so you’ll get to hear all about it… :)

        tell Corinna I said hello.

        Will do. :)

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