Catching up

Updates were a bit sparse during my trip, but here is a quick recap of what happened since my last post:

Fucked Up Movie Night went down Saturday night, and by all accounts was a rousing success. The films for the evening were:

It wasn’t the first time we had shown either Dead Alive or Man Bites Dog, but we decided to show them again because of Dead Alive’s cancellation on Thursday night and to celebrate the release of Man Bites Dog on DVD (which had some previously unseen footage by FUMN fans).

I left Rochester Sunday morning after crashing at Trouble, Ben, and Garrett’s again. I visited for a few hours Sunday afternoon before continuing on back to Boston. I got home around 11:30pm, and the drive was pretty uneventful.

Today I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather for awhile and spent some time hanging my speakers in the living room… I only have the front two up so far, and might stop there for today, but I should be able to get the rears up after my interview tomorrow. I also finally update my CD List, which had been falling into disrepair for a few months (since I started using the Mac full time). Jerry helped me out with something I was having difficulty this weekend, so everything is up to date in that regard now.

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