Rochester Update

A quick recap of what has been going on the past day or two. So Friday I hung out on floor for awhile and then met Trouble, Ben, Joe, Conlon, Marisa, and Werktktktkktk for dinner at the Dinosaur Barbeque, which was so, so awesome… We went back to Trouble’s after dinner and just hung out and I crashed there last night…

This morning we went to Dibella’s to complete the Rochester Hat Trick (Nick’s, Dibella’s, and the Dinosaur BBQ), and while we were there Nate and Ryan showed up. I knew Nate was in town but I didn’t realize that Ryan was… Haven’t gotten a chance to really talk with either of them last night, but i’m sure they will be at FUMN tonight. James, Garrett, and I went to Media Play and Video Barn to stock up for tonight, and boy did we stock up. I would list the movies we will be showing here but it would ruin the surprise… :P

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