The snow today was awesome… While rory was cooking tonight I just wanted to go out in the snow and decided to just do it, so I put on some pants (as opposed to the shorts I usually wear around the house), grabbed my jacket and hat, strapped on my ‘Vogs and headed out in the “looks like a lot but not too bad snow”. Boy was I wrong…

I stepped outside in this “looks like a lot but not too bad snow” to find out it was instead “holy shit there is a good god-damned lot of snow out here”. It was almost up to my knee… I continued to trudge to the mailbox down the street cuz I had some letters to send, and it was my excuse for going out.. I mushed over there and turned back, and as I passed the driveway of “the shady guy who sits in his running car at the end of his driveway all the time” guy, there was some dude standing there. I said hello and he said, “did you notice the car on fire over there?” He pointed, and I looked, and wouldn’t you know, there was a freakin’ van on fire.. I stood around for awhile, and Mr. Officer finally said “Move Along, Nothing to see” so I walked back to the apartment. I entered the house and told Rory, and as I told the story I realized that I caved to the authority too quickly and we both decided to go and watch again… It was awesome, there was big white sparks and jets of flame and the expectation that the thing was going to blow at any moment as I saw fire shoot out around the rear of the car (obviously around the gas tank)… Fun, fun, fun..

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  1. Wow! That must have been pretty surreal watching a van burning in the snow. There was a car fire here a few months ago. Unfortunately I did not get to see it, but it left a spectacular patch of burned asphalt in the parking lot by the imaging science building.

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