That’s my Rory

Rory made dinner tonight, and when he was making it he said he was making Strawberry Daiquiri’s, and asked if I wanted in.. I said yes, and consumed several..

Rory: Hey Sean, what did you think of that last batch of daiquiris?

Sean: Why, did you forget to put booze in?

Rory: Yeah! (he starts laughing hysterically)

3 thoughts on “That’s my Rory

    1. Re: That’s My Rory!

      Yeah… And after living with him for a year, I can say he would make a great sitcom that would be funny to only 1% of the population of the planet earth.

      That said, it would be REALLY funny to that 1%…

  1. I had a drink at our favorite Japanese restaurant that tasted like it had no alcohol. I asked my other drinking buddy to try it. He concurred… he could taste no alcohol. Then I had J try it. There was plenty in it… she commented on its strength. I guess it’s cause my first one was about that strong too =)

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