Like Alien: Ressurection, but less shitty

I went out to the mall before to pick up my Zelda bonus disc, and what was supposed to be a 20 minute trip turned into a nightmare. When I got to the mall, there was a huge line of cars in the parking garage. Since I was already in the garage, I was pretty much trapped… It took 25 minutes to get a parking spot, which is WAY too long. I walked into EB and asked for the disc, and the guy said they were out. He must have seen the impending shitstorm he was about to receive, because he quickly said he was just kidding with a look of terror on his face. :) The other dude working there commented on my Mr. Bungle “California” sweatshirt and said “It’s wearing that, because i just bought that CD today.” I then listened closely and heard the soothing sounds of “None of Them Knew They Were Robots” playing in the background. My anger quickly subsided… :)

When I got home (strangely enough, the traffic jam in the garage apparently disappeared during the 15 minutes I was in the mall), I wanted to check my voicemail to see if someone had called me back… Since my Hiptop was dead, I tried to remember what magic button sequence I needed to punch into the T-Mobile VM system to let me in. I eventually gave up and decided that I could probably check my voicemail on the Hiptop blind (since the screen was dead). Apparently the battery died overnight, and when I plugged it into the charger it turned on and the screen worked again.. I don’t understand how this works, and it seems like complete FM to me, but whatever… What really baffles me about it is that I even ran their recovery tool, which reflashes the firmware back onto the phone, and the screen was STILL fucked.. So I guess I will still swap it with the one T-Mo is sending me, just to be on the safe side.

3 thoughts on “Like Alien: Ressurection, but less shitty

  1. What they say is true: the Master Quest dungeons are much harder; the puzzles are, for one thing, more esoteric and there are a lot more enemies, at least compared to what I remember from Ocarina.

    To avoid getting hopelessly stuck in the Dodongo’s Cavern, just remember you can jump while carrying bomb flowers, and that you can destroy wooden crates by dashing and rolling into them, as well as with bombs…

    1. Never played Ocarina before, so I’m not playing Master’s Quest yet. And I don’t plan on it. I think “same thing but harder” is never than interesting, especially when it’s rare that a game holds my attention thru completion anymore.

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