Fuck it up, Pigface

My Hiptop bit the dust again yesterday. This time the screen died. Everything else seems to still work (it still rings/alerts when I get calls, email, voicemail, etc) but the screen has resorted to having a thick solid black line (about 6 pixels wide) down the right side with a single pixel thick line to the left of that line.

Faithful readers will remember that this is the second Hiptop I have had to send back. Now, granted, I may have accelerated the demise of my last unit, but the screen was flaky before I had that accident. So I am phoneless for a few days while T-Mobile gets their shit together…

4 thoughts on “Fuck it up, Pigface

    1. I never liked the puny thumbnail phones that are oh-so-popular today anyway, so that’s never bothered me.

      And other than these deaths, the phone has been killer… As a phone I even like it better than my StarTAC, which I loved.

      1. see, im not a fan of the teeny phones either, i’m still using a samsung sch-8500.

        but i always hated motorola phones (and still do after seeing most of my friends go through several).

        even their newest endeavours like the t720 and the v60’s feel like they are kids toys..

        1. Never had a single problem with my motorola… Most of my friends and family have motorola phones, and have never had a problem with them. If the hiptop didn’t exist, I would have a motorola phone (and if the hiptop keeps shitting the bed, I very well could have one soon).

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