Even Slashdot is funny on occasion

There was a (rehash of a very old) story on slashdot about Gibson’s new MAGIC interconnect standard, which basically sticks an ethernet jack on the side of your guitar to provide a digital connection between the guitar and the amp. Don’t see why this is a good thing, but whatever; Never have I been one to stand in the way of digital, i mean, it must be better, it’s digital.

Anyway, someone in the comments for that story asked why they weren’t using wireless, to which I, thinking I was making a clever funny ha-ha enclosing an actual concern, replied (which I rarely do):

” Think Spinal Tap [imdb.com]… Remember the scene at the military base? Obviously radio interference would manifest itself differently with MAGIC, but it is still a concern, and one that roadies and performers probably don’t want to have to worry about.. On top of that, MAGIC supports up to Gigabit Ethernet, bandwidth that current wireless networking can’t really approach..”

Someone responded with the funniest thing I have heard in a long time:

“Yeah, but this one would go to 802.eleven.”

That’s some funny shit… I’ve been reading Slashdot for a very long time (user #5366, fwiw), and usually it’s complete trash, and that’s before you consider the forums… I have my comment threshold set to +4 and I still see shit comments written by morons.. But every once in awhile someone really makes me laugh… Even more infrequently someone says something interesting.. I think that site is more like a train-wreck I can’t peel my eyes from… If it disappeared tomorrow I wouldn’t shed a tear, but in the time being I will continue to read it like a fucking lemming.

Did I ever mention how my mother, father, and my one sister (don’t think Aimee ever set one up) have been LJ users longer than you (well, there are a few of you out there that beat them, but not many)… My family is cooler than yours… If only they would actually write in the damn things.. :)

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