iDVD: Sweet

iDVD is just as nice as it always looked… I ran through Apple’s tutorial and it worked like a champ, even with my non-Apple DVD-R/RW drive (I have Cendyne’s DVR-105, which is really just a Pioneer). I burned the tutorial to a DVD-RW disc (since I didn’t want to waste a real disc), and it played like a champ in the Mac, but since none of the DVD players in this house like playing RW discs, I was unable to test it on the TV. But I’m sure it would have worked fine if I had burned it to a DVD-R disc, but i’m not willing to do that for a bunch of “new picture-frame” sample movies… The media isn’t cheap enough for me to squander it like that. :)

I am going to import some more of the footage from the documentary I have been working on with Jon, and maybe if it is good enough I will burn it to a DVD-R and give it a look. Regardless, iDVD is really slick, and I look forward to playing around with it… It is leagues better than the Windows DVD (all of which fall into the same “non-pro” category as iDVD) software I have played with… Now I am going to play around with the new iMovie a bit.

2 thoughts on “iDVD: Sweet

  1. the new iMovie is out? I checked it a few hours ago, and it wasn’t out yet. hrm… time to download it.

    and fwiw, Apple media is $16 for a 5-pack. I’ve found media for $2 each here at RIT, but it is CRAP media and doesn’t always burn right. I’ve never had a problem with Apple’s media. I assume it’s still the same since they dropped the price from $5 a piece.

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