Ok, so I have been investigating my stupid OSX problem that has been driving me insane… I thought I had fixed it about a week ago, but alas, it resurfaced… I just got tricked… But today, oh, today I actually have a clue and a definite symptom that is tied to this (instead of all the previous hand-waving). It seems, that whenever one of these hangs occurs, once the blockage passes and the application ACTUALLY begins to start, the following is printed to the console logs:

Jan 21 02:16:49 carlos netinfod local[272]: unable to bind to parent - RPC: Timed out

So now I just have to figure out how to fix the problem… ;) But at least I have something that I can point at…

6 thoughts on “Progress!

    1. I found that yesterday too, but the problem is that I am pretty sure that OSX relies heavily on netinfo, which darwin doesn’t necessarily need.

      I tried it anyway, though, and it didn’t fix anything. ;)

  1. It sounds like it’s either a bad security rule (e.g. the machine is named carlos in some places and somethingelse elsewhere) or netinfod (or one of its components) isn’t starting correctly.

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