Good Ol’ Uncomfortable Situation

I ran into someone I know through a friend tonight while I was out on the town… He works in a coffee shop I frequent and I bump into him every once in awhile… I hadn’t seen him in awhile, and hadn’t hung out with our mutual friend in months, save for last weekend when we bumped into her when out for Karen’s birthday…

After the usual “hey, how’ya doin?” type conversation, he asks me:

Guy: When was the last time you ran into [friend]?

Me: Well, I ran into her last weekend for two minutes, but haven’t seen her beyond that in months

Guy: Did you know that we aren’t together anymore?

Me: <sociallyNecessaryAmbiguity>Well, she sorta mentioned it offhand…</sociallyNecessaryAmbiguity> Is that a good or bad thing for you?

Guy: Well, I pretty much got fucked… She is back with [her old boyfriend]

Me: Man… That sucks, I’m Sorry…

While this guy probably did get fucked over by [friend], I really don’t know him at all, so I can’t really conjure anything beyond general sympathy… It was a pretty socially awkward situation, but I amazingly handled it pretty well… He always seemed like a good guy, and it sucks that he got screwed over..

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