Ran a bunch of errands today before the movie… Went to the Post Office to hand in my passport application… The guy accepted it, then told me to write out two checks (one to the Postmaster Cambridge and one to the state dept.) I stammered and said I didn’t have my checkbook, so I collected my paperwork and returned to my apartment to fetch my checkbook. Then back to the line, and eventually to the window. I handed in my application again, and the lady told me that it would be 4-7 weeks to be delivered. I asked “what happens if I move” to which she answered “They don’t forward them, so it will be returned to the gov’t”. So I had to fill out another application listing my parents’ address as the shipping address since I know I am going to be moving after February, I just don’t know where. So I got a blank application, copied all the information over, and got BACK on line. This time, however, all was well, and I was happily walking away from the post office. I didn’t even get crazy frustrated or anything! =)

Then I went to Harvard Square to get a T pass, for reasons discussed yesterday. With T pass in hand I only have to wait until the end of the month to get my discount.

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  1. Wow. Joy and I had to do that for our passports when we were going to Jamaica. Our experience was easier though since: 1) We weren’t moving and 2) When I did have problems the person told me not to wait in line but to come back to his/her window.


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