Still not a fan of chinese

Well, I took one for the team and went out with everyone for Dim Sum for lunch today… Frances, Matt, and all came out for the festivities, and Helen and Adam came along as well.. After lunch we stopped by the Restaurant Supply store in Chinatown and I fought off urges to buy kitchen equipment, which took quite a bit of willpower (I could really use a mandolin, for instance)… We then came back to the apartment and piled into the minivan of power and took a trip down to the Porter Exchange mall (which for the non-bostonian, is about 90% asian stores and restaurants).

All in all it was a fun day, and it was great to see Frances, Matt, and Karen again… It’s been so long…

2 thoughts on “Still not a fan of chinese

  1. Mmm….

    As much as it’s very nice not to have to pay Boston rents these days, I miss living closer to the city. Porter Exchange had so much cheap sushi. Yummy.

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