About to get in the car to head back to Boston…. Wish me good luck!

3 thoughts on “l8r

    1. heh… when I was moving to boston I got pulled over by a NY trooper… I think it was on 684, but it might have still been 287.. Anyway, I was borrowing mom’s minivan, and had it completely loaded with stuff… I was zooming, but I didn’t realize that I was in a 55 (since most of that drive is 65)… So the cop was pissed, and he gave me a ticket, but he said “If you weren’t driving the minivan loaded with stuff I might have let you go, but that’s just dangerous”… =)

  1. Having just dealt with the Canadian version of the Mass Pike (the QEW) many times in a small period of time, I should wish you luck, but… you’re used to it by now…

    Just remember what Miller said: “The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.”

    And I am very stoopid these days…

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