I am waiting for my 12:15p dentist appt. They are finally taking the
impression for the last crown (on the tooth I needed surgery on)…
Hopefully they are on time, cuz I hate waiting rooms…. (I got pulled
in while writing this, so it is posted long after getting out of the

Went out to Duxbury for Todd’s birthday, to some chinese
restaurant/bar… I didn’t eat and I was DD, but it was still lots of
fun… Yesterday I made a turkey as a dry run for thanksgiving… It
came out amazing (thanks, alton)

4 thoughts on “Teeths

  1. Brined? What did you think? They are re-airing “Romancing the Bird” on Monday. Did you try the cranberry dip? I haven’t yet, and I’m wondering how it is.

    1. Yep, brined… It was good… Last year my dad did everything but the brine… This turkey seemed juicier, but I am still not convinced it is worth the effort…

      I haven’t made the dip or the cornbread stuff… Not sure if I am going to bother… I really like regular old stuffing…

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