Down with the French Fry Charities!

just left a little while ago… She didn’t end up getting here until Sunday night, because she ended up having to look at an apartment Sunday morning, but once she got here we had tons of fun… Matt was here for the long weekend, so the three of us went out to dinner Sunday night at The Cheesecake Factory where portions are grotesque but the food is yummy.. We walked to and from dinner, which was good because it was beautiful out Sunday.. After we got back everyone got back on the Vice City horse so Karen and I watched people play that for awhile..

Monday we hung around the house for awhile and eventually ended up going to Harvard Square to go book shopping and grab some dinner. Karen and I were looking for a brownie recipe she had tried before and wanted to make… So we ended up going to the 3 bookstores in Harvard Sq. and at the last one were getting disappointed that we couldn’t find the guys book. In a burst of smartness, I decided to search for the recipe online (using my Hiptop) and found it right away, so we felt pretty stupid. Not to mention that I was really freaking hungry and she was going through all these dessert books saying “Doesn’t this look good?!?!?!?!”.. =) We ended up eating at Bertucci’s, which was yummy (even though I don’t consider it real pizza). On the way back we rented Better Off Dead because Matt and Rory claim to have never seen it, but then they were too busy playing Vice City to watch the movie so the two of us ended up watching it on my TV.

Tuesday was the day of sloth… Neither of us were very motivated to get out of the house, so we ended up watching Willy Wonka and just slacking… Eventually we decided to get out of the house and went to Jillian’s, but the weather turned exceptionally miserable and we ended up doing a ton of walking out in the nasty weather at night.. Before Jillians we ate at Brown Sugar Cafe, which makes the best Thai food, which was awesome… Jillians was fun, I got my ass beat 2 games to 1 in Air Hockey, and Karen did better at Skeeball (which makes me feel like a bad Jersey native)….

I probably glazed over some stuff but oh well, it’s my journal… =) Oh yeah, I got a package in the mail from my sister, she got me Tony Hawk 4! I was so excited because I wanted the game but I had trouble justifying it because: A) I’m unemployed and B) It’s not that much different from the other ones. I haven’t played it much yet but i’ll let you know how it is… Jobs… I talked to a guy in a company real close to me here in Central Square who has some positions open… Not sure if they want to interview me yet, but I am ‘sposed to call him on Tuesday if I don’t hear from him sooner. So keep your fingers crossed…

2 thoughts on “Down with the French Fry Charities!

  1. Prejudice

    I object to your uniform dissing of the French Fry Charities. The FFC’s help organize aid to many needy French fries. Examples of deserving recipients to date include children of crippled French fry clowns, naked fries in need of condiments, and curly fries who just want to go straight but the bastard system won’t let them like Gabriel Byrne in the Usual Suspects.

    Please, people, ignore Sean’s nutty rantings and contribute generously to the brotherhood of French Fry Charities! God will love you if you do, but please go for it anyway.

    1. Re: Prejudice

      Ladies and Gentlemen, please disregard the rantings of this obvious starch sympathizer. It is one thing to try and help out a brother in need, but to do the same for a shredded tuber? Even as someone with a name as Irish as Sean Graham I am unable to support these deviants. The day we start treating these abominations as equal citizens is the day we discount humanity.

      No, I say send these julianned menaces back where they belong: The Fryolator.

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