FAFShow, et al

This weekend was a blast, plenty of stuff to do to distract me from my recent predicament… Saturday I hung out with Frances and Karen who came out early for the FAFShow… We headed over to the Coolidge around 10pm to get tickets and get in line early to ensure a good seat. We soon realized that we were WAY too early and decided to go for a short walk… We ended up way the hell out of the way back by the CVS on Comm Ave. by Harvard Ave… So we ended up walking back up Harvard Ave. to the theater and there was still no line… But it was like 11pm so we began the queue.. All that sillyness aside, we had alot of fun at the show, the animations this year were hysterical, especially the human-penguin sweet love… Much less risque than last year’s show, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.. Afterwards we ended up at pixietart‘s house for a small party after the show… Karen brought some of her cakes from school (she is almost done training as a Pastry Chef), which were quickly consumed by all involved… Holy shit, they were yummy..

We stayed at the party until around 4am or so and came back… John Holt and his lady friend Mary crashed on our couch… Today Karen, Frances, Matt and I went to Harvard Square to Million Year Picnic and they shopped for comics… I spent the majority of that time reading a Howard the Duck comic, just because it amused me.. :P I helped Karen catch up on two more episodes of the Sopranos, so she is only 2 or 3 episodes behind now… I think next weekend I am heading out to Frances’ place in Northhampton for some fun out there… Talk of a bike ride has been bandied about, so that should be fun…

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