Getting stronger

I have been feeling really lousy the past few days… Sore throat, coughing, runny nose, my typical fall cold… It figures I had to be sick for my interview yesterday… I think it went fairly well, but we will see how things work out… Got a haircut today and had lunch with some of my former coworkers… While I was pretty sad about the whole thing initially, I am feeling much better about it… While it sucks to be unemployed, I am also relaxing and centering myself.. I’m sure a bit more of this nothing and I will start bugging out..

I am headed out to Amherst/Northhampton to spend the weekend chilling at Frances’ house with Frances (well, duh, it’s her house), Matt, and Karen… I am dumping the remaining Sopranos episodes to VHS for Karen right now so we can watch them this weekend… There are only 3, but I had to spread them across 2 tapes because Matt’s VCR remote is missing and I couldn’t change the tape speed…

Over the past few days/weeks I have also done a great job of proving my ignorance and complete lack of awareness of my surroundings… Remember, friends, the Sean Graham is an ignorant beast, and you really have to shout at him before he knows what the hell is going on…

Update: I forgot to mention that Wednesday morning, as I was going to the interview, it was snowing out… Hopefully I have a job so I can go skiing this year!

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