Holy Shit

Once upon a time someone shoehorned a mini IP stack into a Commodore 64 and used the serial port for comm. I was in awe… Then they shoehorned a ethernet adapter into a C=64’s cartridge (named “The Final Ethernet”1)…. I was slapping my own face in awe… Next thing you know someone creates a hardware-based VNC server and shoehorns THAT into a C=64… What the hell is going on?!?!?

1 A clear play on “The Final Cartridge“, a fast-load cartridge from BITD, which was later replaced with “The Final Cartridge II” and “The Final Cartridge III“, which had people ROFL for many moons…

6 thoughts on “Holy Shit

  1. Yikes.

    The chipset they used for the ethernet adapter looks like it might be mildly useful for DAMMIT using ethernet as an interconnect, which I’ve wanted to do for a while.. (Although $70 seems a little steep.)

          1. i liked Kid & Play until I saw Kid on the last episode of Politically Incorrect…. He was just a big tool…

            And I really dislike both DMX and Ja Rule anyway… :P

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