God damn bug fixing animal

I have been kicking ass and taking names today… First, I got a revised spec (well, honestly, a spec for a part of the product that was heretofore undocumented, so there was no real spec) document regarding one aspect of my product… I really thought it was going to be a killer 3-day type dealie but it ended up being more like a 2-3 hour dealie to whip it all together… My opinion of Outlook still remains, however.. =)

Then I recieved a few more spec tweaks for things that were ill-defined in the spec, and my interpretations of them were different from the original intent… I can’t complain too much, because a hair of ambiguity in the spec is a ton better than no spec at all… =) Anyway, these tweaks were mostly just visual stuff, usability type things that took no time flat to fix…

After that I fixed another few bugs as well….

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