Tonight I got to see Múm at the 608… This was their first US tour, and one of their first gigs on the tour. I have never had the “I am in at the beginning of something big” feeling about a live show before, but I have now. They were amazingly beautiful, and they were the best batch of multi-instrumentalists I have seen this side of Mr. Bungle (note: Múm sounds nothing like Mr. Bungle). I am kinda speechless, but the words I can most easily put together was that I wish they were still playing… If I ever do make a film I would love for them to write the soundtrack.

If you haven’t yet heard Múm, do so and thank me later.

2 thoughts on “Múm

    1. Hehehe…. I knew you would notice that… :P

      I couldn’t help myself when I saw like 15 of their albums available on Emusic. I think they have a bunch of Cannibal Corpse as well, I might just have to grab that… (Actually, they have a metric fuckton of death metal there.. :P

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