Intel vs AMD

I have been feeling conflicted lately…. While I have had a longstanding boycott of AMD products (for a multitude of reasons that I really don’t feel like explaining.. If you are really interested I am sure I have talked about them in this journal before, go find them…), I am starting to grow increasingly suspicious of Intel and their TCPA.. If they really try and go through with this and force it upon me I may have to suck up my pride and switch processor vendors… Christ, if it gets really bad I might have to abandon wintel altogether…

I am not thoroughly convinced that TCPA/Palladium is going to be used for censorship and the like, there is no doubt in my mind that it is pure evil. It is the rampant licensing abuses that corporations are subjecting the ignorant masses to (and they willingly bend over and accept) extrapolated to other media. I support the idea of people being able to protect their work, but I think that there are too many anticompetitive uses of this technology to be considered. I can take a bit of protection to prevent people from stealing your software, but giving companies the ability to prevent competitors from opening files and reverse engineering file formats is obsurd.

If I have to I will switch platforms completely (and I think you know what I mean when I say that, and how large of a statement this is for me to make.. :P).

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