Waiting a little while longer for my laundry to finish…. I reached “feature complete” stage on my project (as far as I am concerned…. Considering that my spec was a bunch of screenshots SKETCHED on a piece of 8.5×11″ paper, the idea of feature complete is pretty tenuous at best…) There is a bug or two left, but it is solid enough for people to start beating on it.. Yay!

This happens just in time for my trip home this weekend… It is a bad time for me to leave, just as the first beta of my software is given to people, but being that other than memorial day weekend I have spent way too many weekends straight working for Rovia, they can give me a break. =)

I am catching a bus to NYC tomorrow at 5:15pm and leaving NYC Monday at 11pm… Should be some good relaxation…. Hopefully the weather will hold out so I can take the new Party Barge out for a spin… =)

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