I was testing some document uploading code that I honestly didn’t expect to work at all, stepping thru it with the debugger trying to figure out an undocumented API, and later on when I fired up ShareSafe I had a ton of documents listed whose attributes were set to “title” for the title, “author” for the author, “mimetype” for the mime type, etc… The contents of the documents were all “Testing this shit.”….. I guess I should trust my abilities a bit more than I do. =)

2 thoughts on “Heheheh

  1. I downloaded the RovReader client just to see how it looks. It looks great! I’m glad you guys didn’t go down the eBook reader road and attempt to make it look like a book.

    1. Thanks! We have a similar feel to our new primary product (ShareSafe), but with a bit of a corporate flavor… To tell you the truth, it could use a bit more corporatizing.. =)

      One of the things we focused on while making RovReader was to focus on a good user experience, even if it wasn’t necessarily similar to books… The ShareSafe code, however, is way cooler and hopefully will be rolled back into the RovReader in the very near future.

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