My Cold Philosophy

I have been developing a new philosophy on cold weather, and since the temperature here has plummetted to the 30-40s and we are expecting snow today, I figured I would share.

When I was younger, I would talk about how the cold didn’t bother me, and how I liked the cold. As I have grown older, though, I have realized that this is not entirely true. While I do enjoy the cold, it is only when that cold is tied to snow that I truly enjoy it. See, cold without snow is wasted cold, taunting me with the chapped lips and bad skiing. A cold day without a snowball fight is worthless, it is all the discomfort without any of the fun.

So, in my old age, I have decided that it should either be cold-and-snowing or spring-like, and never cold-without-snow or hot-as-nuts.

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