Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha-Cha Heels

Guess who is going to be at the Coolidge Corner Theater on May 11th? None other than Mr. John Waters! He is doing a stand up act and also screening the new Director’s Cut of Female Trouble… I couldn’t afford the $75 Meet & Greet tickets, but it should be a fun time just hearing him doing comedy… :)

3 thoughts on “Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha-Cha Heels

  1. Waters is a *fantastic* speaker – you’ll love it.

    I hear the Waters DVDs are worth buying just for the director’s commentary – I believe it.

    1. Speaking as someone who owns all 3 2-disc sets, I can only agree…. John Waters is one of my favorite directors; he always has me in stitches…. P

      One of the funniest things I have ever heard him say was in the supplemental to the 25th anniversary of “Pink Flamingos”… He was introducing a bunch of cutscenes, and in reference to some awful dialog (“Your eyes are like a cunt to me… I want to make love to your beautiful cunt eyes”) he says “Cunt Eyes? What was I thinking?!?!?”… I am laughing just thinking about it….

      Man…. If mom and dad read this one…. I used the “C” word… That is like the forbidden word… :)

      But mom…. dad…. I was quoting it… You know, for academic purposes… :)

      1. Just waiting for them to come to Vidiots or Reel so I can rent them, although I can imagine wanting to own these.

        The C story is outrageous, but doesn’t shock me. He told an equally shocking story about them getting out of a car with camera next to a pig farm and Divine rolling in the mud humping pigs on camera, all spontaneous, unscripted. Kids just don’t make films like that anymore.

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