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  1. yeah

    I have never skiied K2 but I hear their racing ski’s suck (actually I know they do), But their all mountain shit is top of the line so if thats the type of skis you are looking for (obviously) hell yeah grab and end of the year deals are always the sweetest anyway.

    1. I only ski K2…. Always have, always will…. I have never liked the ride of any other brand… And there certainly are shitty K2 skis as well, but I find that they suck less…

      1. I skate, ski, and board on K2’s, my brother just bought those the middle of this season, I tried them out, and they are beautiful. Buy them.

    1. I didn’t know you skied!

      I didn’t go much while I was in Rochester, just once or twice a season while I was home for winter break… My gear is all way out of date, and my size 10 boots don’t fit my size 12 feet that well anymore.. :) I figure that since my gear was all purchased well before the era of the shaped ski that it is time to lay out some cash on new skis…

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