My power just went on/off in the apartment…. I wonder what happened… Well, there goes the 40 day uptime on my fileserver… I guess I would have to take it down when I move in a few days….. ReiserFS saves the day… =)

4 thoughts on “Power

    1. Yeah, it’s on my list of things I should have yet haven’t been able to justify financially… :)

      I will probably get one post-move, though… The trouble is that more than likely the file server and my workstation will be in physically distinct areas of the house… I would rather not buy two, but I may have to….

      1. bleah.

        if you get a laptop instead, it has its own battery backup in it. ;)

        It’s disorienting when the power and lights go out, but the laptop is still going, nice and brightly. hehe.

        that was poor grammar. shoot me.

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