Mmm… meat

Frankie and Rory are coming over for Hamburgers and The Sopranos… They are marathonning this weekend, watching the entire second season… I have been watching some of them with them, preparing for next weeks start to the 3rd season reruns… Hopefully my cable tv in the new place will be straightened out in time to watch it.. :)

This afternoon, I packed up my CDs and DVDs as well as their racks. Another three boxes down, and I mostly have my computer shit and the kitchen to deal with still… Hopefully I can finish up most of the stuff by tomorrow so I can take the rest of my time easy… I have decided to stretch my laundry out so I can move mostly dirty laundry… That way I can save a few bucks by using the laundry at the new place as opposed to going to the laundromat… I mean, it’s only like 6 bucks, but that’s 6 bucks I can spend on fun stuff… :)

I just want this move to be over, than I will feel like relaxing a bit….

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