Not sleepy

I was contemplating going into work for awhile tomorrow, but I don’t think I feel like it… I think I will try and procure some boxes and continue packing up my stuff. I did some packing today, mostly throwing crap I didn’t need away, packing up clothes to donate to Planet Aid, and the like. I threwout about one garbage bag worth of stuff and donated about the same. I did get one plastic bin packed full of my Atari 2600s and all the associated joysticks & paddles, as well as controllers for my Playstation and 3DO.

The other night I finally broke down and ordered a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I ordered a refurbished RRK5A (in “Azure Blue”) directly from Kitchenaid which ended up saving me a ton of money (around $125-150). This will make my culinary life much easier, especially now that I am trying to get more into baking cookies and bread.

2 thoughts on “Not sleepy

  1. Awesome! you are going to love this thing. I have it at home and it is the best mixer out there! I will get one eventually when I don’t work the fucked up hours I work so that I can become a culinary master myself.

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