I have been working on an XUL/XPCOM LiveJournal client on and off for awhile now… Last night I finally figured out how Mozilla’s XML-RPC client component works and I also figured out how LJ uses XML-RPC, so I sat down this morning, wrote cnILiveJournalClient.idl and got cracking. I decided to write the implementation of cnILiveJournalClient in JavaScript for compile-free cross-platform goodness… Since I am not really doing anything too complicated it won’t be that annoying… When I am done I can bundle the whole thing up into an .xpi that will work for any mozilla user on any platform. This is a good thing.

I wrote a skeleton implementation of the interface and shoved it in moz’s components directory, along with the xpt (cross-platform typelib; a sort of compiled IDL file) and moz bitched at me… I spent about an hour assuming it was my problem, but then I decided to copy the xpt and implementation of moz’s nsISample interface into the components directory…. I got the same error! So, apparently something changed in the latest builds of mozilla, which kinda pisses me off… I posted to netscape.public.mozilla.xpcom, and I hope I get an answer soon, because I know that if I don’t get a large portion of this work done today (on my day off) this project will take weeks to finish (due to my workload at my job).

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