Praise the Stars

I can’t explain how pleased I am that Dennis Miller Live is finally back….

4 thoughts on “Praise the Stars

    1. It’s on again at 12:35 tonight, and of course also almost every day this week… The guest was Ben Stiller, which should help you find it amongst the other reruns.. :) The schedule is here

  1. I miss Dennis Miller Live.

    HBO, TLC, History, and Discovery are the only things I want to watch on tv — too bad Time Warner won’t let you order channels a la carte. I don’t want a $70 (+cable modem) cable bill just to watch Oz, The Sopranos, Dennis Miller Live, and whatever’s on TLC, History, and Discovery when I’m bored.

    Alas. I’d pay like $20/mo just for those channels, too.

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