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  1. What kind of camera did you get? I’ve been using the HP PhotoSmart that came with my Mac, and am unhappy with the quality (hey, it’s a freebie). In the market now for a good deal on a good camera.

    1. I bought this camera off of , she got a new one for Christmas, and didn’t have much use for it…

      It is a Kodak DC-220…. They take images at 1154×864 or 640×480, you can play with exposure times, flash settings, etc, and there is also a scripting language so you can write programs for the camera to automate things like bracketing, flash control, etc.

      I haven’t fully tuned it yet, I think I need to play with the white balance to get it right… I am very happy with the camera, I actually helped Chris pick it out when she first got it, so I knew what I was getting into… That said, the camera is a discontinued model from 3-4 years ago, so it isn’t exactly ontop of it’s game… But I have used many of the Kodak cameras and can comfortably endorse them… Definately consider them in your shopping.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation. I defnitely believe it makes sense to buy a camera from a film and/or camera maker, rather than a computer / printer maker. Have heard many good things about Kodak cameras.

        1. I don’t think I have ever seen a good camera from a computer manufacturer…. Adam has a Epson that is the biggest piece of crap I have ever used…

          But then again, I could just be some bush-league photo-snob… I even know what an f-stop is… :)

  2. I’ve been keeping track of Canon’s digital elph camera- it’s a sexy little 2 megapixel job- but has good optical zoom and canon’s usual good optics… did I mention that it’s very little and very sexy? Only problem is that it costs about $400 right now- so here’s hoping that it comes down in price by the time I’m in the market for one.

    1. That was the key about this camera, price. Chris sold it to me for $50, which meant that for around $100 i got a camera and a 128M CompactFlash card… I can now take up to 400 pictures, which is more than enough at one sitting. I already had a metric fuckton of NiMH rechargables around here, so I also don’t have to worry about batteries (although I might buy a few more NiMH, just to bring my “float” supply up to where it should be).

      All in all, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse….

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