When Amy was here a few weeks ago I got this for my kid sister at one of the second-hand shops we visited:

Aimee (my kid sister) just mailed me to tell me she received it today (I sent it as a surprise). Needless to say, I am the coolest brother alive.

4 thoughts on “Ha!

    1. I don’t know about him “still being around”… The show is in syndication on the Hallmark Network (or some-such… Some station I don’t get)….

      I think he has fallen into the obscure corners of pop-culture now..

  1. ALF lives!

    Did you see ALF’s recent resurgence to fame, starring alongside Terry Bradshaw in those deliciously lame 10-10-220 ads? And just when you thought–or maybe hoped–you had seen the last of him (Terry Bradshaw, I mean). Hey, I guess if Carrot Top’s career can be resurrected…

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