To avoid the “hearing-loss panic” that was induced by the last concert I attended, I have looked around for a good set of earplugs. I have decided to pick up a pair of ER-20 HI-FI earplugs from Etymotic Research which are designed to attenuate the sound by 20dB without coloring the sound. So, in theory, unlike most earplugs I have tried, they should simply reduce the volume of the music without making it sound like shit (unless it was shitty to start with :P). I placed an order for a pair (they were only 10 bucks) and will let you know how they work after the next concert.

I came across this company when looking for a new set of headphones, and read many good reviews of their ER-4P earphones. Supposedly these earphones are like a set of earplugs that also happen to have an amazing set of earphones integrated into them, so you not only don’t hear much background noise, but you also get great frequency response. They are a little out of my price range at $330, but perhaps one day soon I will get a pair….

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    1. I knew you were going to pimp the Grado’s, but I do have to say that I disagree… They sound good, but I know way too many people that had them fall apart on them… The construction just isn’t sturdy enough for me…

      In addition, being a person without a car, I really like “small”…. The Grado’s just aren’t small enough..

      But I will agree on their clarity, while they may be a little dim, they do sound beautiful.

      1. *nod*

        I’ve only had them come apart when i pulled a wire too hard, and the rod simply slid out of the headband… it just slides back in — no damage done.

        i can’t stand earplug-type of headphones. they hurt my ears too much… :P

        1. i can’t stand earplug-type of headphones. they hurt my ears too much… :P

          I agree, but I have heard that these earphones are different. Now, I have heard this claim before, but this time around I heard it from a person who I actually believe. Someone who I actually had a conversation with many moons ago about how much we hated plug earphones.. :) He said that these were VERY comfortable, to the point of forgetting they were there entirely, and he attributed this to the fact that they aren’t any kind of lousy “earbud” type pieces of crap, but instead comfortably fit into the ear…. It is hard for me to describe, and I really won’t know if these fit well until trying them, but based on my friends recommendation, I will at least give them a shot.

      2. I’ve had a pair of SP60s that are going on 10 years now, and have received many thousands of hours of use. The only change I’ve made is to put Sennheiser pads on them because the original pads were kind of stiff. I’d like something from Grado’s higher-end range, but falling apart? No way… solid as a rock. You’d think I worked for Grado or something..

        Let us know how those plugs work out.

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