My dream and my frustrations

Here is what I remember from last night’s dream. Adam and I were walking around a mall, and we passed the “Napa Gallery”. Adam turned to me as we walked past and said “Some of my (schoolbuses or dumptrucks) are on display in that gallery”. I stopped short and asked him “Well why don’t we go take a look at them?”. So we walked into the gallery, which I can only describe as “Museum Company-esque” and we approach the glass case that has his pieces in it. There are enclosed in a glass case, and are about eye level. One is painted blue, the other I don’t remember much about. On the glass shelf below them there was a display of digital cameras (but not DV cams, just still cams).

When I recounted the weirdness of this dream at the office today I told everyone that Adam has schoolbuses on display, but when I just looked at the pad I keep next to the bed, it said that they were dumptrucks… Either way, that is some weird shit.

I got fed up trying to install FreeBSD for the last time today… The partition layout on that disk was very limiting, so I said “fuck it” and brought home the SuSE 7.3 Pro set from work and installed from the DVD. I really don’t like linux, but it is far more tolerable as a file server than it is as a workstation OS. I will probably make it go back to FreeBSD at some point in the future (say, when the machine is more than parts on my dresser), but when your only need is Samba, it really doesn’t make much of a difference…

At least I get to use ReiserFS, and coincidentally on the machine that Chris Mason used to test his smp safeness all those years ago… I remember Chris asking me at work (when we both still worked for ISC) if he could “borrow my dual machine” for a few hours that evening, and watching him try and edit 132 column code on an 80 column display (since he didn’t want to build an X server for my video card)..

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