4 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. you really like queen? damn i never knew that. granted there’s probably a hell of a lot of shit i don’t know about you, but musical taste i thought i sort of knew. damn :)

    1. Perhaps when you lived with me you should have looked at my CD collection. :)

      I think your perception of my musical tastes is probably a bit off…. I am sure that the same can be said about my perception of your tastes…. I mean, you MUST listen to non-dyke music, right? =)

      1. actually i have looked at your cd collection (at least that you had at RIT) on several occasions. i only remember there were a lot of people i’d never heard of. well to be quite honest, when you first moved in my room i was a bit afraid of you :) we don’t have people like you (or my first roommate for that matter) in my town. that’s just devil’s music. i’d never heard of things like Ska and such until i came to RIT and roomed with my first roommate. i’d never heard of Skinny Puppy, Orbital, or anything. so maybe that’s why i don’t remember much.

        however, i should’ve remember the queen stuff. don’t know why i didn’t. maybe i just didn’t see it or was overwhelmed with all the people i didn’t know :)

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