This Beat Could Win Me A Grammy

I added <link> tags into my LJ styles… If you are using recent builds of Mozilla you can activate the Link Toolbar (View->Show/Hide->Site Navigation Bar->Show Only as Needed) and when you are reading my journal or my friends page you can use the Next and Previous buttons in that toolbar to move through the journal pages (they function the same as the “Previous XX/Next XX” links at the bottom of this page) In addition, the Top button on the toolbar will take you to the most recent journal entries. Finally, LiveJournal themselves added <link> tags into the Post/Read Comment pages to allow you to step back and forth through journal entries that way (one by one).

AFAIK, Mozilla is the only browser to support link tags well, but I only use Mozilla so the other browsers are really irrelevant to me anyway.. :) I tried viewing the page in whatever version of IE comes with Win2k and didn’t see anything special to handle the link navigation, but I didn’t try too hard because the nausea started to set in quickly… :) As far as I am concerned, I have no need for multiple web browsers to be installed on my machine, so I don’t have Opera, K-Meleon, or any of the other browsers installed to test with… As far as I am concerned, I don’t even want IE on my machine, but I just don’t feel like bothering to get rid of it… :)

6 thoughts on “This Beat Could Win Me A Grammy

    1. Hehehehe… Same here… I have known about the tag for awhile, but until the Link Toolbar became part of mozilla, it was fairly useless (for things other than stylesheets)…

      I have also become a big fan of the <acronym> tag of late…. I have been trying to force myself to use it as much as possible, because it rocks, IMHO

        1. The <acronym> tag rules…. It’s usage is as follows:

          <acronym title=”Read the Fucking Manual”>RTFM</acronym>. In IE, the text looks the same, but when you mouseover it, you get a tool tip with the title text in it. In Mozilla, you get a cool little dotted underline and when you mouseover the cursor changes into a pointer with a question mark and then you get a tooltip with the title text in it. I would place an example here, but LJ limits what tags you can use in comments.

          It is part of the HTML 4.01 spec:

          There is also an <abbr> tag, which seems to do the same thing, as well as a
          <cite> tag and and some better replacements for <code>/<blockquote>, but I
          don’t see those as that useful.

    1. It can be used in some really cool ways, too… In bugzilla, for instance, if you do a query, and then click on a link in the results page, it will bring up the bug details… If you click on Next/Previous in the link toolbar, it will not jump to the next bug, but instead the next bug from your search results. The Top button will bring you back to the search result index.

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