Happy Halloween!

I got home from work around 7pm or so… I should have stayed late, but I actually got a ton accomplished in the few hours I was there, and I was kinda burned out a bit… Anyway, I figure all the extra time I put in last week can make up for a bit of a short day today… I was supposed to go to a party at Frances’ today, but I scammed out ofit, just because I was feeling tired and wasn’t in a “meeting tons of new people” mood…

I was kinda excited to be home tonight because I figured I would be able to hand out some candy to the trick-or-treaters… I put out my pumpkin (lit, of course) and raised the blinds and turned the lights on, but to no avail… These smart children of today must have realized that you can’t get blood from a stone; College kids don’t have money, and therefore probably don’t give out candy.. :) Since my block is almost entirely populated with BC and BU students, I guess people don’t see this as a lucrative sugar haven.. That’s ok though, because now I have more candy for me. :)

That new Tomahawk CD is really cool… Now, of course, I am a bit of a Mike Patton fanboy, but this CD is one that everyone can enjoy… As opposed to many of Patton’s other experimental side-projects, this CD is mostly Rock, which just a tinge of weirdness thrown in…

One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. We saw a few, though it was mighty slow this year. A lot of parents are afraid there’s a terrorist in every home. We gave triple portions of candy to the kids who did come (mostly so it wouldn’t be sitting around tempting us all the time).

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