Finally packing it in…

I just stepped down as Editor in Chief over at the currently-down BeNews… It is something I have been considering for the past week or two, finally making up my mind a few days ago. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy using Be any longer, but instead that every time I have tried to do some BeNews work in the past few months the server was down… I guess I didn’t do to badly though, I think I might have been the EIC with the longest reign (possibly second after ziemkowski, who was the first EIC).

I guess I am kinda sad about stepping down, but I really haven’t been doing what I should for the site….

2 thoughts on “Finally packing it in…

  1. You shouldn’t have any remorse about this, Sean. Time has come. Server’s always down and there’s hardly anything to publish when it’s up. You did a fantastic job as EIC. Thanks for everything.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence.. :) I guess my real remorse is that the whole thing didn’t go in another direction… I hoped that we would all be sipping margaritas in cozumel living off our various Be related income… :P

      Oh well… I will get fanatical about something soon enough, just you wait!

      (actually, I am probably already a Mozilla fanatic, but that always ran in parallel with BeOS.. :P)

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